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Mathews Lift 33 Review


The obvious is the weight loss upon first impression but more importantly is the overall balance in the hand and post shot as well. It’s not even close and a big improvement in my eyes. The first Mathews for me that has caught my eye in a while. 


Draw cycle that some seem to have a little tough time to get use to. For me personally, I like it better than previous year and I like the little shorter valley as well. Keeps you honest and really shines with that long riser on target. 


Riser length was appealing to me as it’s as long as my Elite Verdict, which I love, as it holds so good on target. So figured, this may make for an excellent do all bow considering the switch weight mods for draw weights etc. 


This short into it, I’m going to say naturally it’s holding better and easier on target than my Ethos and about on par or a touch better than my ERA, which is phenomenal for the ATA and it’s treated me really well. So somewhere in lines with the Verdict and ERA with not much effort whatsoever. 


New design and cams seem to be more forgiving with vertical nock travel as I’m not getting any tail low effect even jumping around through different spine ranges. 


Top hats and their choice and placement for me I wasn’t at all satisfied with so I’ve gone to 75/100 top and bottom for top hats. It gives me a touch of pre lean at brace and lands me decent at full draw as well. A solid happy medium from brace to full draw with a centershot right between 3/4 and 13/16. 

















Working more with the bow and arrow selection for spine I almost feel a weaker spine and these cams maybe beneficial in optimizing forgiveness. In my case I’m finding a 400 spine GT Pierce Tour with a total 175 upfront showing excellent forgiveness while maintaining solid tune setting and really not compromising anywhere. I’ve ran some 250’s and 300’s with good results but feel they may not be the most forgiving thus far. Time will tell down range and when it comes time to test broadheads. 

Moving to the top of limb with axles seems more sensitive with greater movement when swapping top hats. I’d like to see them add more in selection due to this. Maybe a 80/95 set would probably do really well and a good balance in the system. 








I haven’t even messed with the shot sense so this bow has a ton to offer and is showing to be a really solid shooter that I’ll keep around this year for a long term evaluation. 


Great overall job 👍🏼

Current bow specs

28.5 / 72#

410 gr arrow @ 302 fps

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